RJGM Crypto-Coin Solutions has came out with a very realistic and obtainable program to put funds into everyones pockets. This program is not meant to make you rich, but to get some funds into your pocket in a timely manner.

You simply sign up, fund your wallet, and donate.

This is a two program system. The first system is a 2x2 matrix that starts with 0.0005 BTC which is affordable. It is fast because with a 2x2 matrix all it takes is six accounts under your account to max out of a 2x2 matrix.

Once you have maxed out of the 2x2 matrix, you will automatically be placed in the 2x3 matrix which only takes 14 accounts under you to max out and you will have made 0.1795 BTC with the final payment.

Please read the How it Works page for more information before joining.

Once you have maxed out of the 2x3 matrix, please think of others that are also trying to max out and purchase a few more positions to help others.

This aslo helps you to have more positions to max out, so that you continue making 0.1795 over and over again with each position that maxes out of the 2x3 matrix..

It also continues to help everyone else to max out and to help them make their 0.1795 for their positions over and over again, which in the long run helps you to keep making 0.1795 over and over.

All everyone asks is that you do your part for each position that maxes out of the matrices and make the required donations for other positions so that everyone continues to make money again and again. Then you can withdraw your funds as you are ready to do so.

For a more detailed explaination please visit the How it Works page.

What are you waiting for?

Start making 0.1795 BTC over and over again!


Total Members


Total Upgrades


Total Donations


Total Withdrawals


Compensation Plan

Start With:
0.0005/ in BTC
  • Sign up for your account
  • Fund Wallet
  • Donate for a Position
Next Step:
  • Positon given in 2x3 matrix on max out
  • Automated Renewal
  • Move to Last Step
Final Step
  • Max out of 2x3 matrix and
    receive a total from all withdrawals 0.1795
  • Withdraw Donations
  • Add extra positions to help everyone to max out, helping you to make more!

What are you waiting for?
Join the RJGM Crypto-Coin Solutions Family Team Now!

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RJGM Cryp-Coin Solutions

At RJGM Crypto-Coin Solutions we want you and everyone that wants to make money to be able to. We would love to have you join our team family and earn along with us in this spectacular program that we have with MySuperCash. You won't be sorry that you took a chance and joined us!.

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